May we expand with the Universe.

Welcome to THE ART OF BEING.

I’ve had the words “the art of being” on my mind for some years now, and I knew it would be something but I did not know what until now. I don’t think this will be it’s final form, but rather the journey to find it. 

I take the phrase quite literally. This newsletter takes words straight out of the pages of my journal, from my most intimate conversations, and the lessons that emerge as I paint. 

I learn so much everyday by witnessing creativity — when nature takes its infinite forms and when I look deeper within to find an infinite expanse to travel through. I have learned that it is like water, that it shape shifts as much as it holds taut the forms we exist as. I have also learned my creativity is more than my work, it is how to live, love, become — be. 

And when I think about why I create art or why I even do anything, I know that there is no reason but to connect — deeply, wholly, lovingly, and artfully. So I write this to you to share what the creative spirit teaches me, to invite you into the garden I have grown, out of hopes that you may see moments that speak to your soul or pieces of yourself in pieces of me — because we are mirrors and portals through this very vast thing called Universe. 



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May we expand with the Universe.